Creative ArtS Mentoring Club

Securing Peace & Hope

Our Values

To ensure that there are no misconceptions about the nature of our program or the way it is administered, we are including a list of core values that ensure equitable access and a healthy environment for the students, mentors and staff.

Supportive Environment & Positive Input: for kids that have suffered abuse, trauma, or have other emotional or psychological challenges, it can be very difficult to even function in a social setting, much less open up and be free and expressive. Our newcomers are always given plenty of encouragement and any kind of bullying behavior is not tolerated. We teach our kids to be respectful and constructive when giving their opinion of others.

Family Engagement: In order to facilitate the educational and developmental process for our children, we believe it's essential to maintain good relationships with any family or guardians they have.

Inclusion & Respect: We are committed to embracing all types of families and domestic situations including those of mixed ethnicities, same sex unions, disabilities, mental health concerns, institutional or group housing, or even homelessness with equal respect and openness.

Universal Access: Willingness to make accommodations or take other special considerations to ensure the program is as accessible, valuable and welcoming as possible to everyone, regardless of any personal challenges such as advanced age, physical or mental disabilities, lack of access to healthcare or social services, or immigration status.

Safety & Health: our children's well being is our primary concern so we diligently train our mentors and guides; test and inspect all facilities, products, materials and equipment for health and safety issues; research, incorporate and follow all ordinances, codes, regulations, and recommendations or best practices set forth by all relevant agencies and organizations. Our curriculum includes culinary arts in which we teach our kids about proper nutrition and how to prepare meals safely and maintain sanitary preparation areas.

No Economic Barriers: we all know that the working class is struggling and those living below the poverty line are faced with daily obstacles to accessing the basic necessities of life. We believe that, regardless of one's means or status, access to the arts and the cultural history of human civilization is a birthright for everyone. We strive to overcome financial barriers and make our curriculum and activities accessible and relevant to all members of our community.