Creative ArtS Mentoring Club

Securing Peace & Hope


We are an after school arts program which encompasses all of the arts. Our classes are separated by age groups. We have ages 5-9 school age children, 10-12 pre-teens and then 13-17 are our teenage group. Each week on Friday afternoon, the children gather at our facility and engage in a social, academic, creative and culinary experience. 

Recyclable Scrap Art


Fine Arts

Pictured here are the mountain of tires we collected and painted white in order to add colorful designs later.

We work to make our city beautiful. Taking the scraps we find on the streets from, wood, tires, metal, any and everything.

Culinary Arts

Food science, nutrition and diet is our main focus along with meal prep, learning all the different metric units and many recipes to make at home. We encourage parental participation to help the children remain consistent with the culinary journey also so as to incorporate what is learned into the home environment. One of our goals in the fight against childhood obesity is to give young children the skills and knowledge needed to nourish themselves in all parts of their lives: physically, academically, socially and emotionally.

Voice, Music, and piano Production

Pictured here is Good News Tyler (Jordan Tyler) a rap artist who came out to our club.

Our vocal/music program starts children down a path toward remarkable musicianship and maturity. The foundation begins in small group classes, with children ages 4 through 8—a vital developmental stage: they enjoy being part of a group, want to experience anything new, are forming their basic attitudes about music, and are experiencing as much as 80% of their ear development. We have different skilled teachers and mentors in our program to teach various techniques and vocal fundamentals.

Christmas play "No Vacancies at the Manger INN" in 2015.

Drama therapy appeals to children for the following reasons:
  • The chance to tell their story to an audience of their peers and receive feedback
  • Ability to look at problems from a different perspective
  • Opportunity to be someone else and get outside of their own lives for a little while 
  • They get a chance to act-out in a positive encouraging way as a learning tool


Pictured here is a ceramic mask project.

Our fine art program offers a range of various art experiences for the children to take advantage of including ceramics.
Our goal is to focus on key areas of study in the arts and education as well. Here with this activity we practiced trusting one another.

Dance: ballet, tap, and hip-hop and Praisie

Pictured here are members of the praise dance team, we incorporate all forms of dance.
This creative dance class help students to:
  • Gain confidence and a positive self-esteem
  • Learn problem solving skills
  • Make discoveries about themselves, their friends, and the world around them
  • Learn cooperation by working together as a group
  • Learn to respect each others unique style
  • Learn spontaneity, leadership, and self-control
  • Develop creativity
  • Gain physical strength, flexibility, and stamina
  • Develop good posture, balance, and coordination through dance exercises and yoga positions. 

Pictured here is world famous light-weight champion, Mia St. John and her daughter who came and spoke with the children about depression with a lesson in painting.

Fine art learning is a way to teach artistic skills in conjunction with some academic material. Fine art will teach and help improve learning through drawing and painting, how to transfer learning in and through the arts to other disciplines and creating an understanding of human behavior, thinking, potential, and learning especially through the close observation of works of art and various forms of involvement in arts experiences. They will learn color mixing and design techniques.

Can You Hear Me..? Mentoring Classes 

Pictured here is our school age children with their mentor instructor.
No information is shared or discussed outside of this class by staff or club members.

Round table discussions about life and how to deal with coming of age social issues, trust and friendships. The idea behind this class is to allow open discussions between peers, ask questions and share answers with a mentor on how they deal with situations. The goal is to help children talk about their problems openly and seek solutions amongst themselves to build friendships, trust and become articulate adults.


Our mentor-ship program consist of the older youth assisting the younger youth in areas such as homework, etiquette, and how to act accordingly.  

We have an amazing volunteer staff of mentors, pastors, and ministers. We offer group and one-on-one mentoring to the children and their families. We also have resources for the families in regards to housing assistance, drug and alcohol treatment centers, shelters, food banks, family resource center, job training, free clinics, etc.