Creative ArtS Mentoring Club

Securing Peace & Hope

We are growing and in need of a building for this wonderful program. In order to raise the funds, we are having several fundraising events. Your participation and support is greatly needed. If you would like to donate your time, supplies or monetarily to any of the events please see the contact link below.
Yearly Event
(The Gathering Concert and Festival)

The Gathering is a  praise and worship concert / Back to school Festival that will take place on August 4  2018 Dance and Mime Dance is a part of SPH , Where this program got its original start. This art form consists of children, teens, and adults. This event will consist of different churches from all over the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire and Los Angeles Counties. We will include a presentation of our program and the benefits it has on the children. It will also give potential donors and sponsors a chance to meet the children of our program and hear from them why they love this program. 

They will get an opportunity to see the work that the children have done and ask questions about our club.

Also you will enjoy our first annual gathering festival and workshop, where your children can be a part of the fun. You can also join vendors from all over the Coachella Valley, fun and games will be available for all ages. We will have face painting, fish toss, bean bag toss, Arts and craft, and so much more.

Pre-sale festival Ticket  $20.00 each for the all day pass to ride and game. $2.00 per game. We also need food vendors 250.00 per booth.  Art and Craft Vendor Booth for $60.00 

All proceeds go towards The Club's Building Fund, in which to hold our growing creative art club.

Just hit the Donate button below to purchase your pre-paid all day fun banned