Creative ArtS Mentoring Club

Securing Peace & Hope

Palm Springs Aerial Tram Trip

We had an amazing time at the tram!! We got to explore nature and learn about all the different animals that live up in the area. A lot of us have never seen such greenery and it was quite an experience. Check out some of our pics below.

Turning Trash into Art
We recycle everything!! There are a lot of open lots in our neighborhood where people toss their trash. We collect whatever scraps we can and turn them into beautiful displays.
This week we painted tires. The children had an awesome time getting messy and creating different designs all over the tires and pots we discovered.

Making Mask

Today's lesson was about trust, there was lots of messy mask making. Laying plaster of paris across the children's faces and not being able to see and barely being able to breathe with just tow nostril holes, the children learned a little bit about how to trust someone.

Painting Mask
We got to fill and paint our mask this week. Pictured here is the talented Ms. Trisha creating a beautiful mask to sell at our Masquerade Gala auction fundraiser.


We are EXCITED to announce...Mrs. Hope has received her associates degree!! First in her family to graduate from college!! We are honored to have her as our Founder, Director, Big Momma, and Friend!!

We support her on her future endeavor toward a second degree in Early Childhood Education. She is quite an inspiration to all of us. The children love her and look up to her for encouragement and support and we give her all the same in return.

Desert Hot Springs Holiday Parade

We were honored to be apart of the parade this year. The children made their own banner and t-shirts. For a lot of them this was their first time participating in a parade.