Creative ArtS Mentoring Club

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The Arts  is fun, it develops the innate sense of care giving in all people, teaches us how to be independent and innovative.  The arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. The Arts education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self-discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives.

About Us

The SPHCCA Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Desert Hot Springs, CA and was founded by Hope and William Scott, who believe in reconstructing the societal norms of the way children now-a-days think by rebuilding the foundation of our youth’s upbringing through creative arts such as: theater, culinary, and  fine art.

The city of Desert Hot Springs has established quite a bad reputation for itself with being known for home invasions, gang-banging, break-ins, and drug activity. The children that grow up in this city are subject to falling into these illicit activities. This program was built with these precarious children in mind, those who are in the gangs and those who have the potential to fall prey to the gangs, and those who come from broken, impoverished, single-parent homes. Some of their homes are infested with drugs and alcohol, some of the children are already into drugs and alcohol themselves, and most of the parents do not know how to handle it. Our facilitators are not professional counselors, they are ministers from our local churches, parents, teachers, and volunteers from our own community who have been in similar situations and found their way out. They are able to advise the parents on how they handled the same incident and provide comfort to the parents in their own situation. They teach the parents to be cognizant of the feelings that their children are experiencing and how to use arts to express those feelings. These volunteers have a passion to help our children become professional upstanding citizens.

These children are talented and need an outlet which our program, provides. The children that come to our program range from five to seventeen years of age. At the SPHCCA Club they find a safe, homelike environment where they can talk about their needs, their fears, their desires, and their hopes and dreams without fear of judgment.

Public schools are hardly providing a creative outlet for the children and focus solely on academics. We feel that through creative arts such as: drama therapy, creative dance, music therapy, fine art expressionism, and the loving arms of volunteers from the community, these children can flourish as creative, critically thinking, pro-active, and well-prepared students.

We will take our community back from the bad reputation that it has now to a better reputable one. So when people think of Desert Hot Springs, gang-bangers and drug dealers won’t be their first thoughts of the children that make up our city. Instead they will think, “Desert Hot Springs, the city of artisans.” The city in which a small creative art program was able to reshape the minds of hundreds of children and spark a movement of creative art programs throughout the valley to motivate and inspire the amazing talents in our youth. In our future. For these children are our futures and if we don’t nurture and nourish their talents, they will dwindle and fade and what could’ve been will never be.